The Strategic Research plan of SIT R&D INNOVATION CELL is to serve as the guidepost for the Institution to reach its full potential in research  and scholarly activity. The main  elements  of this planning activity consist of the vision, mission, and goals described below

>  Vision, Mission, Scope & Goals of R&D
> Programs organized
> R & D Innovation Cell – Members
> Number of Patents
> Upcoming Events

To be the best Institution by conducting world-class research, scholarship, and creative activities that develops knowledge and contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of the nation and benefit humanity as a whole.

To develop and expand innovative research programs that align well with institutional mission and strategic plan, address important national and global needs, and through technology transfer and commercialization noticeably support the economic development of the nation.

The scope of our various committee like funded projects, social welfare, journals, newspaper and website updating, Faculty and Student Innovation projects, interaction with outside world, patent filling, industry of commerce, incubation cell and file maintenance are to actively pursue inter-disciplinary and socially relevant research in thrust areas with state-of-the-art in addition to teaching,Consultancy and extension activities.


> Promote the inclusion of research, scholarly, creative, or inquiry projects as a required component of the curriculum in all Degree Programs
> Expand the scope and impacts of the Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities programs and activities to enhance all under graduate students academic and professional success
> Contribute to the development of students critical thinking, information literacy, creativity, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning and effective communication skills throughout their academic careers