“Centre for Foreign Languages and Communication Skill Development”

Centre for Communication Skills and Foreign Languages has been conducting training in the three major areas of Life skills – Verbal Ability, Communication Skills and Soft Skills. A major milestone for Centre for Communication Skills and Foreign Languages was the introduction of Business English Certification (BEC), awarded by Cambridge University in the year 2014-2015 for interested students irrespective of their disciplines.

In addition, the central theme of training is the overall development of the students’ personalities, with necessary emphasis on communication skills and reasoning abilities. To have a real-life experience, mock interviews and group discussions are conducted with internal and external experts on the panel. These sessions are intended to enable students to enhance their interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, conflict management abilities, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

The sessions on Soft Skills also focus on team work, negotiations, mutual consent and evolving synergy. Learning and unlearning, constant upgradation of core competencies, handling stress and developing emotional intelligence are a vital part of the training process. Courses in foreign languages like French, Japanese and German are provided in order to empower students to take up global careers.