The Institution encourages the faculty members to employ ICT technologies for effective teaching.

  • ICT enabled classrooms facilitated with LCD projectors and Internet access are established in each department to supplement the conventional black board teaching method.
  • The College provides high-speed internet connectivity to the students for quick access to educational resources.
  • The College has a digital library and it serves as a supplementary learning resource containing e-journal packages and e-books which allow the students and faculty members to update their knowledge
  • Video lectures are employed in teaching to enhance the understanding for the students and for effective teaching.
  • Innovative teaching methodologies using ICT tools are followed by the faculty members to ensure the attainment of learning objectives.
  • The faculty members regularly use ICT tools for conducting Quiz using various platforms like Class Marker, Kahoot, Testmoz, Quilgo etc.
ICT Tools used by Faculties
Digital Library
Digital Library