About the Program: B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to the students enabling them to impart intelligence to systems and machines through programming and Data Analysis. As modern systems provide intelligent solutions through data science, there is a vast scope for someone holding a professional degree in artificial intelligence and data science. Graduates from this program will be groomed towards their career prospects on par with Industry expectation.   Objectives
  • Develops proficiency in Core programming skills and Data Analysis techniques to provide intelligent solutions for industry and society.
  • Acquires the knowledge of Artificial intelligence and data science tools and techniques, including problem-solving, machine learning, computer vision, and human-computer interactions.
Career Opportunities:
  1. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technical sector, including healthcare, transport, and security. As per growth of multiple industries require AI expertise of skilled Artificial Intelligence professionals.
  2. Job roles include Data Scientist, Machine Learning engineer, Business Intelligence developer, Big data Engineer / architect, Database developer.
  3. Many multinational companies and organizations hire graduates in data science and artificial intelligence. Over the last few years, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Uber, Samsung, Intel, Accenture, Facebook, Netflix, and Lenovo have been some of the top recruiters in the data science and artificial arena.
S.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr.S.Rathnamala B.E.,M.Tech.,Ph.D Associate Professor & Head
2 Mr.M.Senthil Kumar B.E.,M.E Assistant Profeesor
3 Ms. B.Narmatha B.E.,M.E Assistant Profeesor
4 Ms. C.Nivedha B.E.,M.E Assistant Profeesor