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Department Profile

      The department of Science and Humanities has been functioning since 1995 with the aim to provide the students with deep insights into basic sciences and lays a solid foundation to the engineering students of the first year. It stands focused to its strategic direction in fulfilling the parameters of an engineer through application oriented teaching and also provides ample opportunities to hone the student's social skills by involving themselves in activities and enhances their value added life skills and communication abilities. It also provides holistic development in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitude by extending personal care, professional teaching and stimulates a thirst for research so as to raise academically excellent graduates. The department has attained multi-dimensional growth, both in terms of its faculties and facilities.

      Good infrastructural facilities and a well focused administrative structure strongly support a systematic work environment and salubrious study climate. All the laboratories are well equipped to enrich the student's understanding and realizing the concepts of both theory and practical. The department of Mathematics provides mathematical experience and mathematical ideas that will serve as a foundation for further engineering studies. The department of Physics and the department of Chemistry focus on bringing new insights into research scenario. The department of English is involved in enhancing the proficiency of language through language laboratory and career laboratory, focusing on all the four skills. Foreign languages like Japanese and French are offered to provide an insight towards foreign languages and culture.The department of Science and Humanities instills confidence, motivation and a sense of security. The long-lasting foundations of Basic Sciences, Mathematics and English are built and nurtured here.Department of Science and Humanities prepares the first year students in the basic science and engineering fundamental concepts and it consists of the following divisions Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry and English.