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Department of Physics

Sl.No Name of the supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Title Department Full time/part time Year of Completion
1. Dr.M.SivaBharathi Ms.M.Thennila Preparation characterization and Evaluation of Nano Cu(I) Catalysed Organic Reactions Physics Part Time January 2016
2. Mr.R.Ramesh Kannan Synthesis and characterization of application oriented carbon nanotubes Physics Part Time August 2012
3. Ms.M.Manjula Devi Investigation on certain photonic crystal for various Applications Physics Part Time July 2021
4. Dr.S.Karthick Kumar V.Prasanna Venkatesh Investigation on two dimensional nano structured thin films for solar selective absorber Physics Part Time July 2021
5. MR.N.Murugesan Investigation of graphene modified metal oxide thin films for solar selective absorbers Physics Full Time January 2018
6. S.Devipriya Preparation and Characterization of Carbon modified metal oxide thin film for solar thermal applications. Physics Part Time July 2021
7. Dr.J.Ashok Kumar Mrs.S.Sowmya Characterization of Dip Coated AGGAXIN1-ASE2( Silver Gallium Indium Selinide) Thin Flims Physics Full Time July 2021