Self-Learning Materials

SL.NO Name of the Faculty Name of the Course Name of the Topic Type of Material(Video Lecture/Screen Cast/Any other)
1 Ms.Priyadarshini K
Algorithm Analysis Quick Sort Video Lecture
2 Principles of Operating Systems
Principles of Operating Systems Scheduling Algorithms(FIFO) Video Lecture
3 Ms.P.PabithaMuthu
Programming Fundamentals Using Python Type checking Video Lecture
4 Ms.C.Preethi
Data Structures Prim’s and Kruskal Algorithm Video Lecture
5 Dr.C.Callins Christiyana
Machine Learning Techniques Classification Algorithms Video Lecture
6 Dr.C.Callins Christiyana
Theory of Automation Theory of Automation Video Lecture
7 Dr.C.Yesubai Rubavathi Data Structutes Graphs Video Lecture
8 Dr.E.Sivajothi Database System Concepts Timestamp Protocol Video Lecture
9 Dr.M.M.Gowthul Alam Theory Of Computation Introduction to Automata Video Lecture
10 Mr.K.Sathish Kumar Object oriented programming with C++ Introdution to OOPs Concepts Video Lecture
11 Mr.B.Sivananthan Information Storage Management Cloud Computing Deployment Model and Services Video Lecture
12 Ms.M.Poomani@ Punitha Digital Principles and System Domain Simplification using Boolean Algebra Video Lecture
13 Ms.S.Selvi Computer Organization and Architecture Addressing Modes Video Lecture
14 Dr.S.Subashini Data Structures List Video Lecture
15 Mr.T.Siva Computer Communication and Networks ISO OSI Layers Video Lecture
16 Mr.R.Umesh Internet and web technology AJAX Video Lecture