The department is equipped with five laboratories. There are 60 systems in the department and all are connected to campus-wide LAN with CATS and OFC. The campus - wide Network is connected to the Internet via 100 Mbps leased-line by means of a router and a switch, providing Internet access to all the systems in the campus.

The department has well furnished, spacious and fully air – conditioned seminar hall which provide conducive environment to the students. It has in-built facilities like PA system, smart board, higher-end system with internet connection, LCD projector.

The library is the most important knowledge source of the college and it caters to the academic and research requirements. The department has library with good collection of books, e-books, and periodicals.

The Department has adequate laboratories which are being used throughout the year to meet the curriculum requirements. The courses which have practical work are conducted in the Laboratories every week. Program has sufficient Laboratories which are used by the students on timetable basis to meet the curriculum requirements. All the Laboratories are furnished with work table and necessary equipments. Steel racks are available in each Laboratory for students to place their belongings. Signal conditioning Laboratory is equipped with sufficient hardware and software to run courses in curriculum. Each Laboratory is equipped with white board and other amenities. Laboratory time table, utilization charts and list of equipments are displayed in all the Laboratories. Project Laboratory is available to the students to carry out their project work. The Project Laboratory plays a vital function in promoting practical learning experience, a place where the students develop creative proposals, and execute their projects.

1                 Signal and Image processing lab
2                 Biochemistry lab/Pathology & Microbiology Laboratory
3                 Biomedical Instrumentation lab
4                 Microprocessors lab
5                 Electron devices and Circuits lab

Signal and Image processing lab

Biochemistry lab

Pathology & Microbiology Laboratory

Pathology & Microbiology Laboratory

Microprocessors lab

Biomedical Instrumentation lab

Electron devices and Circuits lab