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The Department of Mechanical Engineering came into existence in the year 1995, the year of inception of the college. It is a major and pioneer Department of the college, imparting instructions leading to the Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters degree in CAD/CAM. The Department offers Ph.D. courses also. The program was approved by AICTE and affiliated to Anna University with an intake of 240 students.The Programme was accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi in the year 2006 and reaccredited in the year 2011. The Department was accredited in the year 2015 for 2 years under Tier-I Washington Accord.The Department was reaccredited in the year 2022 for 3 years under Tier-I Washington Accord.

The Department has crowned itself with the glory by achieving remarkable success in academic, co-curricular and research activities. The Department has been keeping abreast of the latest advancement by providing sophisticated modern equipments in various laboratories and training the students in the latest technologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The vision of the Department is "To promote excellence in education and research in mechanical engineering for the benefits of industry and society".

The Department identifies the talents of the students and inculcates in them creative thinking and problem solving capability. The Department provides an excellent learning atmosphere complemented with a team of well experienced and highly qualified faculty members. The Department has 31 faculty members in Mechanical Engineering Department among which 16 faculty members are holding doctoral degree and 10 faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D. The Department has 5 Professors, 13 Associate professors, and 13 Assistant Professors. The faculty members and students have professional membership in SAE, IE, ISHRAE and IWS.

Department of Mechanical Engineering is recognized as Centre of Research by Anna University in the year 2007. The Department is blessed with faculty who have made significant contribution towards knowledge in the form of publications in reputed National and International Journals. The Department has two research laboratories, centre for material research and centre for energy research with major equipment to promote the research activities among students and faculty members. The Department believes in the phrase,

“If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard; you’ll be hard to beat.”– Hershel Walker.

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Indian Society Of Heating,Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers

Indian Welding Society

Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA

Institution Of Engineers

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Academic Research

Department of Mechanical Engineering is recognized as a Research Centre by Anna University, Chennai. There are totally nineteen doctorates and sixteen research supervisors are in the department. Through the department research centre, eleven research scholars have received their Ph.D and fourty seven research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. During the assessment years, seven faculty members of the department have completed their Ph.D and fifteen faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D. Faculty members have published quality publications in Scopus indexed and SCI Journals.Department Google Scholar

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Number of quality publications in refereed/SCI Journals

Publications in 2020-21

Publications in 2019-20

Publications in 2018-2019

 1. SenthilKumar A, Nayagam Lenin, Rajesh Kanna, R & Sakthipandi, K, 2018 ‘Structural, Electrical and Magnetic properties of NILA X Fe 2-X O 4 Nanoferrites’, Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol.212, pp.385-393 [Impact factor: 2.210]

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Publications in 2017-2018

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Publications in 2016-2017

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  • I.C.Engines, Alternate Fuels, Emission Control, Heat Transfer

  • Automobile Engineering, Thermal Engineering Renewable sources of Energy, GDJP, HMT
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    Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1995 during the inception of the college and is one of the prime departments of our college and offers a 4 year B.E programme,2 year M.E programme and Ph.D. programme in Mechanical Engineering. The department of Mechanical Engineering has a dynamic team of faculty and supporting staff members. We aim to provide our students a perfect blend of intellectual and practical exposure that helps them to serve our society and address a variety of needs of the society. With a solid fundamental in the principles and practice of Mechanical Engineering, our students are well placed in leading industries as well as in the higher research level institutions of international recognition.

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