Ph.D Holders – Sethu Institute of Technology

Ph.D Holders

Area of Research
1 Dr.A.Senthil Kumar Principal Composite Materials
2 Dr.G.D.Sivakumar Vice Principal KANBAN System
3 Dr.K.Rajagopal Dean(Academics) & Professor/Civil Environmental Engineering
4 Dr.A.Merline Dean (Planning and Development) & Professor/ECE Wireless Communication
5 Dr.M.Radhakrishnan Dean(Faculty Affairs) & Professor/Civil Structural Engineering
6 Dr.R.Muralikannan Professor/Mech Impact Loading on High Strength Steels and Composites
7 Dr.C.Kailasanathan Professor/Mech Nano Composites
8 Dr.S.Mothilal Professor/Mech Supply Chain Management
9 Dr.K.Arun Balasubramanian Professor/Mech IC Engines
10 Dr.C.Muthusamy Professor/Mech Heat Transfer
11 Dr.R.Jothi Basu Professor/Mech Logistics – Supply Chain Management
12 Dr.B.Raja Mohamed Rabi Professor/Mech Engineering design, Aerospace and Neural Network
13 Dr.N.Premalatha Asso.Professor/Mech Artificial Intelligence, Solar Energy
14 Dr.A.Muthu Raja Asso.Professor/Mech Mechanical Eningeering
15 Dr.R.Kamalakannan Asso.Professor/Mech Manufacturing systems, Operation Research
16 Dr.C.Callins Christiyana Professor & Head/CSE Image Processing
17 Dr.S.Sridevi Professor/CSE Image Processing
18 Dr.R.Tamilselvi Professor/ECE Medical Image Processing
19 Dr.M.Sheik Dawood Professor/ECE Wireless Network
20 Dr.S.K.A.Ahamed Kandu Sahib Professor/ECE Nano Materials and Antenna Design
21 Dr.A.Yasodai Asso.Professor/ECE Embedded and VLSI
22 Dr.A.Srinivasan Professor & Head/EEE Power Systems Engineering
23 Dr.S.Nagalakshmi Professor/EEE Power Systems Engineering
24 Dr.M.Arutchelvi Professor/EEE Power electronics and renewable energy
25 Dr.U.Suresh kumar Professor/EEE Renewable energy optimization, Hybrid renewable energy systems
26 Dr.S.Vijayarajan Asso.Professor/EEE Renewable Energy
27 Dr.Vijayakumar Asso.Professor/EEE Embedded systems and distributed generation
28 Dr.S.Siva Ranjani Asso.Professor & Head/IT Sensor Network and Data Analysis & IoT
29 Dr.S.Jenicka Asso.Professor/IT Satellite Image Processing
30 Dr.M.Malathi Asso.Professor/IT Image Processing
31 Dr.R.Kumutha Professor & Head/CIVIL Structural Engineering
32 Dr.K.Vijai Professor/CIVIL Structural Engineering
33 Dr.G.Balamurugan Professor/CIVIL Structural Engineering
34 Dr.K.Hemalatha Professor & Head/Bio-Medical Physiological Math Modeling
35 Dr.C.Marimuthu Asso.Professor & Head/Chemical Energy and Environmental
36 Dr.P.G.Jansi Rani Professor & Dean /Maths Graph Theory
37 Dr.L.Rajenderan Professor/Maths Mixed Boundary Value Problems in Ultra microelectrodes
38 Dr.S.Vijaya Asso. Prof/Maths Generalized Topology
39 Dr.D.Lakshmanaraj Professor/Maths & PRO Graph Theory
40 Dr.M.Sivabharathy Professor/Physics Reactor materials
41 Dr.K.Sakthipandi Asso. Prof/Physics Nanomaterials
42 Dr.D.Maragatham Jeyaseeli Asso.Prof/Chemistry Energy Sciences
43 Dr.Sivakumar Asso.Prof/Chemistry Dye sensitized solar cells,Photocatalyst
44 Dr.J.Tharini Asso.Prof/Chemistry Sensors
45 Dr.P.Senthil Kumar Physical Educational Director Sports Training
46 Dr.M.Parisa Beham Associate Professor/ECE Image processing, Pattern Recognition