Research Projects

Sl.No Name of faculty Title Fund Details Status
1 Dr.K.Hemlatha, Prof/ EIE
Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
A simulation of monitoring and control systems for automated unmanned railway crossing. Amount Sanctioned Rs.39.32Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by DST
Duration 3 Years
2 Dr Vasant Naidu
Professor, Dean (R & D)
Department of ECE
Nano Ferrite Meta Ceramic material Processing structural Electrical and magnetic studies for its use as Electromagnetic Wave Sensor Amount Sanctioned Rs.15.5 Lakhs
Sponsored by DRDO
Duration 3 years
3 Dr M.Santhi
Professor and Head,
Department of EEE
Design and development of compact electric drive for various application Amount Sanctioned Rs.16.46 Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by DRDO
Duration 3 years
4 Dr.N.M.Masoodhu Banu, Dr.R.Tamilselvi, Dr.A.Merline Professor, Department of ECE Evaluation of lossy
compression methodologies for very large volume medical data
Amount Sanctioned Rs.22.32 Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by ICMR
Duration 3 years
5 Dr J.Rajesh
Department of Chemistry
Studies on enhanced DNA targeting micro/nano crystalline materials for Drug Delivery System Amount Sanctioned Rs.20Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by DST (Sponsored Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientist)
Duration 3 years
6 Dr K.Sakthipandi
Department of Physics
Synthesis and Characterisation of Polymer Blended Lanthanides Doped Nano Ferrites Amount Sanctioned Rs.16.86 Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by DST-Fast Track
Duration 3 years
7 Dr.L.Rajendran,
Professor, Maths
Mathematical modeling of non-linear reaction-diffusion processes and optimization of enzymatic biofuel cells Amount Sanctioned Rs.30 Lakhs Inprogress
Sponsored by DST
Duration 3 Years
8 Dr. Vasant Naidu
Senior Dean(R & D)
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Synthesis and characterisation of Lanthanide depod NANO ferrite matterial for Electromagnetic wave sensor. Amount Sanctioned Rs.11.67Lakhs Completed
Sponsored by DRDO
Duration 3 Years
9 Ms.A.Shakila Banu
Professor & HOD
Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Remote Operating movable fire extinguisher Amount Sanctioned Rs.2 Lakhs Completed
Sponsored by AICTE
Duration 2 years