Year Achievements
2015 Received ICTACT Academic Partner Excellence Award
Received EMC2 Academic Leadership Award
International Conference on Computational Intelligence 2015
100 Students completed International Certification on Cloud Infrastructure and Services
Digital India Pledge
M.Gurumoorthy won the First Prize in “Rubik’s Cube Open” conducted by Shaastra – 2016 IIT Madras, Chennai at Thiagarajar College of Enginering, Madurai.
Re-Accredited by NBA
University first Rank by Subhashini.V of 2011-2014 Batch
30 University Ranks from the students of 2010 - 2014 Batch
501 Students completed International Certification on Cloud Infrastructure and Services
Establishment of IITB Resource Centre with two star rating
20 University Ranks from the students of 2009 - 2013 Batch
Techfest 2013 – An intra departmental technical extravaganza
Mini project expo 2013  - Project Contest for the IT students
ICCI 2013 – International Conference on Computational   Intelligence
Establishment of Multimedia Lab
2012 Establishment of Software Freedom Lab
17 University Ranks from the students of 2008 - 2012 Batch
NC3K’12 – CSIR Sponsored National Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
ICDM’12 – DRDO Sponsored National Seminar on Intelligent Computing and Data Mining
Student Ambassadors from IBM,HCL and Galaxy Finishing School
C.Rukmani Swetha got the first prize in My Idea program(Innovative program)
ESPRIT CHASSE'12-Inter Departmental Symposium
2011 A.ABINAYA @ANANYA of 2007-2011Batch Secured 49th Rank in Anna university of technology, Tirunelveli.
Received conference grants from DRDO and CSIR
Received Rs.9.5 Lakhs as grant for Modernisation And Removal Of Obsolescence In Case Tools Lab from AICTE
FPMI11 – DRDO Sponsored National Conference on Future  Perspectives in Medical Imaging
2010 Established the IBM Centre of Excellence Laboratory in the academic year 2010-11
ULTIMO’10 – National Level Technical Symposium
2009 AVIZA’09 – National Level Technical Symposium
2008 Accredited by NBA, New Delhi
  University 33rd Rank by S.M.Nazia Fathima of 2004 – 2008   Batch
   ATRICT’08 – National Level Technical Seminar
2007 Organized an International Conference-ICACC2007
University 32rd Rank by M.Hakkim Badusha of 2003 - 2007 Batch
TANTRA’07 – National Level Technical Symposium
2006 University 20th Rank by C.Vigneswari of 2002 - 2006 Batch
2004 Establishment of VSAT Lab
2003 Establishment of Software Engineering Lab
Award for “Best Department”
2002 Establishment of Computer Networks Lab
Establishment of Campus Net Project