B.E Electronic and Instrumentation Engineering

The department of electronics and instrumentation engineering is fledged to enable the students understand and realize the usage of sensors. It’s the core where the students will equip themselves to design, model, calibrate and check for error and correction of the sensor based devices. Its not the verge of the department to give knowledge but also pushes forward to improve the attitude, behavior and vision of the student. We strive together to make the student a ethical engineer.

The department has one 4 years undergraduate program Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering that was established by the year 2007. The department is a member of leading instrumentation society called Instrumentation Society Of India.


Curriculam 2013
Curriculam 2013
Curriculam 2013  


B.E., Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  Instrumentation and Control being one of the important branch related to industry, a combination of Electrical, Mechanical, Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation would fetch high dividend for the students who take up ICE as their career course

      Considering MNC’s, instrumentation rules a major part. Most of the company works with automated system that are designed and calibrated by the instrumentation engineers Instrumentation and Control Engineers are needed by almost all Industries in various cadres like Design and Development, Fabrication, Quality control, Maintenance, Service and so on.

     All manufacturing and most other specialized control industrial activities require knowledge of instrumentation and control.

     Some area with significant needs is Oil and Gas refining, chemical manufacture mining and mineral processing, energy generation and use food processing and medical instruments.

     The student of instrumentation has good opportunity to work with many MNC core companies like ALFANAR- Kathar, Premier Technology , FLSmith, TATA Honeywell , Larson & Toubro , TNPL, Southern petrochemicals Industries Limited, Infotech, Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.,Chennai ,Sugar & Paper Industries etc..This field has a wide welcome in the National Defense services, Airways and Railway Services. The safety sensor based knowledge well get the student a better opportunities with the Gulf country jobs.