Department Profile

    The department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering was established by the year 2007 with the intake of 60 students. From the year of the commencement the department is excelling with all the curriculum activities. By the year of 2009 the intake was increased to 120 students. The department is well outfitted with enough laboratory facilities. The students can enrich their knowledge with the practical workouts in the laboratory that they learn theoretically. The department is powered with well set Measurements and Instrumentation lab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab, Electrical Machines lab, Virtual Instrumentation lab and Process Control lab. The department is superior with anytime internet facility to help students be updated with their knowledge. The department is having MoU with National Instrumentation Pvt. Ltd. who is the leading company for the Virtual Instrumentation design.

    The instrumentation is the department where we keep sharing the knowledge of the device designing, modeling, calibrating and error detection/correction. It’s the field where the students come to know about different types of sensors and their applications. The department organizes a numerous seminars for the students to keep them in track with the current trends of instrumentation field. The student of instrumentation has good opportunity to work with many MNC core companies with their good knowledge. The companies like PRICOL, ROOTS work based on the instrumentation products. The surrounding area of Pollachi is a fine source for job that are just near our location. Its not ending with this limit for the career of an Instrumentation engineer. This field has a wide welcome in the National Defense services and Railway Services. Considering MNC, instrumentation rules a major part. Most of the company works with automated system that are designed and calibrated by the instrumentation engineers. The safety sensor based knowledge well get the student a better opportunities with the Gulf country jobs.