Faculty Details


Sl.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation Area of Specialization
1. Dr.R.Velumani M.E., Ph.D Professor &Head of the Department Medical Image Processing
2. Dr.S.Sridevi M.E., Ph.D Professor

Image Processing

3. Dr. C.Callins Christiyana M.E., Ph.D Professor

Image Processing

4. Mr.P.Suresh M.E(Ph.D) Associate.Prof Compiler design
5. Mr.N.Alangudi Balaji M.E(Ph.D) Associate.Prof Network Security
6. Mr.K.Sathish Kumar M.E(Ph.D) Associate.Prof Wireless network security
7. Mrs.D.Abitha Kumari M.E(Ph.D) Associate.Prof Cognitive radio networks,
8. Mr.B.Selva Ganesh M.E(Ph.D) Associate.Prof Image processing,
9. Mrs.M.Mathinakani M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G) Artificial Intelligence
10. Mrs.B.Pandeeswari M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G) Image processing,
11. Mrs.G.Vaira Suganthi M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G)

Image processing,

12. Mrs.P.Krishnaveni M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G)

Wireless Networks,

13. Mrs.M.Poomani@Punitha M.E.,(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G)

Image processing,

14. Mrs.C.Jeyalakshmi M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G)

Wireless Computer Networks

15. Mrs.S.Meenakshi M.E Asst.Prof (S.G) Data Mining
16. Mrs.K. Priyadharsini M.E Asst.Prof (S.G)

Image Processing,

17. Mrs.A.Senthil Selvi M.E(Ph.D) Asst.Prof (S.G) Image Processing,
18. Mrs.S.Selvi M.E Asst.Prof (S.G) Software engineering,
19. Mrs.W.Lydia Shinny M.E Asst.Prof (S.G) Data Mining
20. Mr.B.Guruprakash M.E Asst.Prof (S.G) Networking
21. Mrs.K.Dhanalakshmi M.E Asst.Prof (S.G) Data Mining
22. Mr.B.Shanmuga Raja M.E Asst.Prof Pervasive Computing Technologies
23. Ms.M.Syed Rabiya M.E Asst.Prof Data Mining,
24. Mr.T.Siva M.E Asst.Prof Wireless Network
25. Ms.S.Priyadharsini M.E Asst.Prof Image Processing,
26. Ms.S.Gospeline Christiana M.E Asst.Prof Image Processing,
27. Ms.S.Sangeetha M.E Asst.Prof Wireless sensor networks
28. Mr. V.Anthoni Sahaya Balan M.E Asst.Prof Image processing
29. Ms.R.Karthiga M.E Asst.Prof Network Security
30. Ms.D.Srivaishnavi M.E Asst.Prof Data Mining
31. Mr. K. Peer mohamed M.Tech Asst.Prof Networks
32. Mr. H. Mathew Joel Arulanandhan M.E Asst.Prof Computer Networks
33. Ms. M. Deepa M.E Asst.Prof Data Mining
34. Mr. K.A. Mohammed Faiz M.Tech Asst.Prof Networks
35. Mr. S. Sathish Kumar M.E Asst.Prof Wireless Sensor Networks
36. Ms.K.Nithya M.E Asst.Prof Data Structures,TOC
37. Ms.T.Punitha M.E Asst.Prof Wireless Sensor Networks
38. Ms.M.Sabatini M.E Asst.Prof Network security
39. Ms.S.Karthikeyini M.E Asst.Prof Image processing