The department is equipped with eight programming laboratories, R&D Lab and Techware Lab. The server room comprises four servers- WINDOWS 2008, Oracle SQL, UNIX and Red Hat - LINUX. There are 290 systems in the department and all are connected to campus-wide LAN with CATS (100mbps) and OFC. The campus - wide Network is connected to the Internet via 40 Mbps leased-line by means of a router and a switch, providing Internet access to all the systems in the campus. For effective utilization and sharing of resources, the department has the server under the name “Kalanjiyam”. To enhance the teaching learning process, this server enables faculty to provide resources like web based teaching materials; Video based teaching materials and monographs of subjects in curriculum to the students. The e-resources downloaded from NPTEL and MIT - OCW are available in Kalinjiyam server for all the students and faculty members.

    The network has an IBM Blade server, web server, a mail server and two domain servers. Our lab is equipped with totally ten printers such as one line printer, six laser printers, and three dot-matrix printers. The power backup facility is provided with five numbers of 10KVA UPS, two numbers of 5KVA UPS, one number of 3KVA UPS and one number of 0.5KVA UPS. The laboratories are operational with specialized software packages, like Borland C++, ORACLE 9i, ORACLE 10g, JAVA and Microsoft products with MSDN and IBM Rational Suite Architect & IBM Worklite (Software Tool for Mobile Computing & Testing). We have signed for a Campus agreement with Microsoft to get the Microsoft products of updated versions.

    The department has well furnished, spacious and fully air – conditioned seminar hall which provide conducive environment to the students. It has in-built facilities like PA system, higher-end system with internet connection, LCD projector and OHP projector. The library is the most important knowledge source of the college and it caters to the academic and research requirements. The department has library with good collection of books, ebooks, videos and periodicals.
1. Programming Languages Lab
2. Database Systems Lab
3. Soft Computing Lab
4. Networking Lab
5. Open Source Lab
6. Internet Programming Lab
7. Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
8. Graphics and Multimedia Lab
9. Seminar Hall
10. Department Library

Programming Languages Lab

Established 1996
No of Systems 30 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Web Programming Lab
Project Work
Mini Project

Database Systems Lab

Established 1996
No of Systems 30 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Project Work
Data Structures Lab ,
Soft Computing Lab

Established 1999
No of Systems 10 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Data Structures Lab M.E (CSE)
M.E(CSE) - Project Phase- I & II, Data Structures Lab

Networking Lab

Established 1999
No of Systems 10 Nos.
Practicals Conducted M.E- CSE with
Specialization in Networks
Project Phase- I & II
Open Source Lab

Established 2001
No of Systems 36 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Open Source Lab
Operating Systems Lab
Mobile Computing Lab
Project Work

Internet Programming Lab

Established 2010
No of Systems 36 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Java Programming Lab
Project Work
Data Structure Lab

Object Oriented Analysis and Design LAB

Established 2013
No of Systems 36 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
Mini Project,

Graphics and Multimedia Lab

Established 2013
No of Systems 36 Nos.
Practicals Conducted Computer Graphics lab
Object Oriented Programming Lab
Compiler Design Lab
Project Work

Seminar Hall

Seating capacity 125
In built facilities PA System, PC, LCD and OHP Projectors.


Digital Library facility with 4 systems

Floor Space : 60.35 Sq.m

No. of Volumes : 2230

No. of Titles : 553

No. of Project Reports : 625

PC with Internet : 4

Infosys Courseware : 150

Non Book Materials (Including E.Book CDs) : 35


No of benches : 20

Nature of work : Tutorial classes