Department Profile

  • The computer and its uses conquer the entire world with its inevitable existence. India is making rapid strides and it transforms itself into a knowledge hub for several arenas. In this context, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was inaugurated in the year 1995 for producing highly competent and globally competent professionals. The Computer Science and Engineering program enables the students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments in the field of computational technologies and also to learn innovative approaches in programming subjects.
  • The department shares the mission and vision of the institute in imparting quality education to the students. The department has accomplished several laurels in fulfilling its mission to pursue excellence. Highly sophisticated and the latest configuration computers were installed in various laboratories to cater to the students quest for knowledge. All the facilities were provided to the students and faculty members to keep abreast of the latest technologies.

"Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions goes an adage."

  • This department recognizes the immense potential of the students and inculcates in them the habit of innovative thinking and problem solving capability. The department is also a pioneer in developing the positive attitude to instill the self-confidence in our students. The department provides an excellent learning atmosphere complemented with highly motivated and committed faculty members. The department has a team of 44 faculty members among them; Four of our faculty members are holding Doctoral Degree and 40 faculty members possess Post Graduate Degree. 17 of our faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D Programme. The faculty members have professional membership in IEEE, CSI and ISTE.
  • The department offers qualitative training and scope for more research. It is approved as a research centre by Anna University, Chennai.Around 28 faculty members,including various institutions and Our institution are pursuing their Ph.D degree in Anna University under our research centre . It also promotes active industry-institute collaboration by identifying areas of interest and taking part in sponsored research projects. The department offers undergraduate, postgraduate degree programmes.