Department Profile

        Biomedical Engineering is the only unique interface between engineering and healthcare in which knowledge of engineering can be utilized in healthcare to perfection. It involves studying all types of engineering ranging from Electronics, Computers, Mechanical, Chemical, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology along with Anatomy and Physiology. Biomedical Engineers help the doctors to design new instruments and procedures to diagnose diseases in early stage and treat them. Biomedical solutions impact the society to improve a lifespan of an individual.Bio-medical engineering is a technology which offers bright career prospects and opportunities in any country around the world, and in various sectors.The enthusiastic and thoroughly professional team of faculty members backup the steady growth and development of the department.      

    The Department offers the 4-year B.E. Degree course in Biomedical Engineering. The syllabi and course structure are as per the guidelines of Anna University. Department of Biomedical Engineering has an efficient team of well-qualified faculty and trained technical supporting staff. It has excellent classroom, laboratory and adequate library facilities for imparting high quality Education to the students. Modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, overhead projectors, charts, models and NPTEL Source are used as teaching aids so that the student can understand the intricacies of the subject. Our Department has an Advisory Committee, comprising of Industry Professionals and Academicians, to periodically review the Curriculum, modernization of laboratories and to suggest the areas in which the department must progress.