Program Organized

  • We have organized Logo Design Contest on 28/08/2017 there are nine students were participated in this contest a, A.Senthil Kumar Student of III year Biomedical Engineering won the First prize for Logo Design Contest and our college chairman Mr.S.Mohamed Jaleel distribute the prize.

  • We have conducted Model Expo “MEDARCH 18” for Pathology & Microbiology on 14/03/2018and there are twelve batch students were participated in this expo , present their model and 2 batch have been selected and won the Prize.The prize winners are R.Manivannan,S.Pradhap and A.Senthil Kumar for real time defibrillator and S.NivethaSri,A.Rizwana,R.Kothai and S.Roopasri from Department of Biomedical Engineering III year.

  • Inauguration of “Biomedical Engineering Students Association(BESTA)” on 28/03/2018 and our college Founder & Chairman Mr.S.Mohamed Jaleel who initiated the function and guest lecture has been arranged for biomedical engineering students on “Advanced technology used in Biomedical Field”

  • Conducted Quiz Competition on 5.7.2018 and 6.7.2018 at Department of Biomedical Engineering Seminar Hall , there are 54 students were participated in first round among them six batch students has got selected for final round. In this final round two batch has been awarded as winners.

  • Guest Lecture was conducted on “Recent Trends in Biomedical Engineering” by Miss.LavanyaB.E(Senior Software Engineer), HCL Infotech on 02/03/2018.

  • Guest lecture was conducted on “Technology used in Biomedical Engineering” by Mr.L.Vivek Karthick Junior Engineer, Metal Powder Industry Tirumangalam

  • Guest lecture was conducted on “Biosensors used in Nanotechnology”