Sethu Institute of Technology

Techno Philia 2K19

National Level Tech Fest Organized By The Department Of Information Technology In Association With Computer Society Of India

Date : Sep 30


Paper Presentation

Code Geeks

Memory Blaster


Lyrical Hunter


Soul Suspect


Technical Events

Paper Presentation

Round-1: Participants are request to submit their presentation slides on or before(27/09/2019).The Short listed participants will be intimated through sms or E-mail.

Round-2: There will be 15 mins of presentation and Q & A session for 5 mins.

Note:- Any Technical Topic. Maximum 2 per Team
Code Geeks

Round-1: Prelims Round(MCQ Round).

Round-2: Final Round (Coding Round).

Note:- Any Programming Language.
Tech Quiz

Round-1: Prelims Round(MCQ Based on Computer Components).

Round-2: Prelims Round(MCQ Based on Programming).

Round-3: Final Round (Advanced Technical Quiz Round).

Note:- Maximum-2 per Team.

Non-Technical Events


Room Id will be given on the spot(solo mode).

Round-1: Top 10 per room will be short listed to final Round.

Final Round: All Short listed Members are Entered into Same Room.

Memory Blast

Round-1: Prelims Round.

Round 2:Final Round.

Note:- Selection is based on FIFO.
Individual Participants
Lyrical Hunter

Round-1: Prelims Round.

Round-2: Final Round

Individual Participants
Soul Suspect

Round-1:Prelims Round.

Round-2:Final Round.

Note:-Maximum-2 Per Team.

About Us

Department Of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 1999 and is the proud holder of the 'Best Department Award' in 2003.The Department with it's global presence and new technology.The department offers a 4-years B.Tech programme in Information technology with the inclusion of a well-designed curriculum and Industry offered courses that develop IT professionals. The department in endowed with highly efficient faculties and state of-the-art laboratories. It undertakes consultancy and other forms of collaboration with various organizations.The department has received fund for the modernization of laboratory from AICTE.